I am Tinatin Chumburidze, a housewife living in Tbilisi.

In the years of nineties, together with the desired freedom, gloom, coldness, unemployment and hunger settled in our country for a long period of time.

You may add the criminals foray, civil war, economical collapse and many other things to all of these as well, completely unimaginable for the citizens of the ordinary country.

Nowadays we can say that people have sustained this hardest exam, though all my generation has become the lost one.

As for me, the painting I had started at the light of the oil lamp had relieved the hardness of this period.

The virtual world I was painting was giving me the possibility to temporarily step aside from the depressive reality.

Finally it appeared that I have made up to two hundred paintings fulfilled in various techniques.

I am certain that many ladies in Georgia have passed the same way and the wide audience has not yet seen their creative work.

I am as well certain that these works not only have the artistic value but represent the interesting characteristic of the passed epoch.

They can tell a lot to psychologists, sociologists and historians as far as they are maximally sincere and free from any ideological cliché.

The following is the main point of my idea: to commence the implementation of extraordinary project providing accumulation, selection, representativeness and exhibition of these creative works.

In addition the project shall provide the relevant propaganda and searching, holding exhibitions in various cities of the country and finally, the hundred works have to be selected to take them abroad.

This campaign will be interesting in the standpoint as well that it would return the active position to my generation as far as this generation will have to raise the grandchildren, who, I hope, will already be Europeans.

The project probably will be interesting in the progress of civil society, gender equality’s and Euro integration’s point of view.

The result, in my opinion, will be greatly impressionable. It will add the faith and cheerfulness to the ladies being apart from the societal activity and the creative energy of which, I believe, will become one small affluent of my country’s economical development.


Exibition in Honour of King Tamar

King Tamar was ruller of 12 centuries one of biggest and strongest state.

In epoche of her governing was stopped mortal punishment, was established parliament and created 1 example of European renesance – „Knight in tiger skin”.

It’s important, that strong Georgia was guarant and reliable shield for Europian civilisation of this difficult era.

She established tradition of handmaking in ring of noble ladies, after they sold there handmades on special auctions and all revenues shared to poor people.

Accorging her directive one tenth of state budget distributed also to seim part of population.

So, it will be reasonable if first exibition of this cicle will be named in honour of King Tamar, lady, who was founder number of modern European Values.




4 Responses to “TINATIN’S MANIFEST”

  1. Forrester McLeod Says:

    My God You’re amazing!

    I’d love to see your husband’s work as well. You are so smart and articulate and I LOVE your art. The cats were my favorite. And Winter #5. You’re crazy gifted and should be seen, seen, seen, and heard! I am going to joyfully add you onto my blog roll. And if my blog page takes off, I plan to have a “guest star” page where I feature various artists, writers, whatevers, for a month at a time. If I am blessed enough to get that rolling, I would be honored if you’d be my guest one month. I’m certainly hoping it will happen. If it does, it will probably start in January of next year. I have the first few guests lined up…..but you would be on my list for sure. I wish you much luck in all your endeavers.

    Many Blessings to You Both…


  2. Hello Tinatin!

    I found your wonderful paintings by clicking on Forrester McLeod’s blogroll. They are very powerful – all of them. Like Forrester, I like your cats. But to me, the pencil drawings captioned ‘Loneliness’ are very powerful. My country was in no way suffering as yours was, but in my life I was very lonely and isolated – my husband was sick for many years, and was no longer able to share his true self with me – so your series about Loneliness touched my heart.

    I do not have the gift of painting or drawing. Words are the treasure given to me, and they saved me when I was isolated and lonely.

    I hope that your project succeeds, and I, too, will put you on my blogroll, just as soon as I figure out how. (I’m a little slow with the technology.)

    Warmest wishes,


  3. Your art is informative and beautiful and unique.


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