Old Tbilisi (21)

Old Tbilisi (21)


7 Responses to “Old Tbilisi (21)”

  1. oh, water, buildings and reflections–oh reflectins–I like the way this moves upwards with the buildins and curves sideways with the waterway…and the other time/other world quality of it overall. mmm.


  2. Tinatin Says:

    hi white buffalo,
    Tbilisi is not same yet. I use my fantasy + old photos.
    But we try to keep old city as possible.


    • I ‘see’. I think I understand. Old photos of an older time plus your imagination. Very nice done, Tinatin. I enjoy the old world flavor of places. We don’t have much of that here in the States–we rather tend to tear down our old buildings and build very uninteresting newer ones that are even easier to tear down and replace with the newest ‘fad’. We have little sense of the history of any place—both artistically and in terms of events–a very problematic mindset. Thank you.


      • Tinatin Says:

        May be our country is good sample of past, but Your country is lighthouse to future for all another world.


  3. I’m not so sure about that lighthouse idea, Tinatin. I definitely doubt it when I see homeless people begging on our streets more and more. On Sunnday I had a first, the shock of seeing a young mother and her daughter begging at an intersection. Usually it’s grown men with such visiibility. She was so scared even as she came to take some money–kept her distance from the car. That’s no lighthouse from my point of view.


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