Flowers (5)

Flowers (5)


3 Responses to “Flowers (5)”

  1. hello, very nice work. I like the way the orange red contrasts with the tablecloth. Hey, I owe you email. Will reply. Have not forgotten. Just been a little ‘off’ my game. Hope you are well. Is this NEW work?


  2. Forrester McLeod Says:

    Hey! Ha! And here I run back into the flowers from yesterday! That was funny. I remembered Koba saying that WAY back when you started drawing/painting that he was teaching you some things, so when I saw this bouquet on his site, I thought perhaps he used to paint flowers as well.

    and here sit my friends
    with playfully smiling eyes
    of softest petals



    • Tinatin Says:

      Thank You for comment. this work 2 year old, but my husband just few time ago studied to make webpage. And he have not time to insert many paintings together.


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