Red Woman


5 Responses to “Red Woman”

  1. Reminds of the young woman taken to Hades..can’t spell her name–Pershphone? Demeter’s daughter.


    • hi white, You are right. I dont know English transcription. for me she is Persephone, Demetres doughter.

      But I already said you find in my painting more than I put

      kiss from koba


      • Ahhh I’m just seeing your unconscious manifestating in your art. It’s all from ‘you’–even if you’re not entirely aware of it. Still—from the depths of your imagination to your artwork it flows.
        Kisses from Koba?! LOL! Oh my!!!! Hugs to both of you!!!


  2. Hey, hoping ALL is well with you and Koba over there on the other side of the world. Come on, post some more interesting images!!!!
    shanti om


    • Tinatin Says:

      Hi! Happy New Year! Yes, all is well with us and with you? We hope with you too. And about posts… I’ll try. Good wishis Tinatin, Koba Ah, what means shanti om?


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